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Marketing Strategy!

A digital marketing strategy is a plan which utilizes one or more online marketing channels–for example, paid search, social media, longform content, or email–to enable a brand or business to meet specific goals. The strategy typically involves a selection of planned actions to be executed on by a digital marketing team made up of specialists in each field, with roles including content strategist, videographer, SEO specialistcopywriter, email marketer, and social media manager, to name just a few. When performed in a timely manner on the appropriate platforms, a digital marketing strategy enables a brand to:

  • Reach new audiences

  • Build on current user relationships

  • Generate leads

  • Increase traffic to a page

  • Increase brand authority in a specific field

  • Generate sales

  • Encourage repeat custom and brand advocacy

  • Provide valuable data on user behavior


There are a number of benefits to adopting a digital marketing strategy to reach these goals. Unlike other methods—such as print advertising or direct sales—a digital marketing strategy is:

  • Budget-friendly

Many of the steps taken during a digital marketing campaign or strategy can be performed at a low cost (and, sometimes, even for free), for example on social media sites, or using free content hosting sites, like Medium.

Able to facilitate a wide reach (and quickly)

Thanks to the range of channels and platforms available for digital marketing–email, social media, blogs–digital marketers are able to reach a broad spectrum of users, from younger generations on TikTok, to more mature audiences on Pinterest. 


A huge advantage of a digital marketing campaign in comparison to its print or offline counterparts is that digital tracking tools enable a digital marketing team to observe how users and where users are active. This enables them to learn from and iterate on results, improving their strategies over time. 


How long does it take to get an advert in your local newspaper, or produce a billboard campaign? It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Thanks to technology, digital campaigns, on the other hand, can be launched within mere minutes online. 

Highly flexible

Missed something important from your Facebook ad? Forgotten your CTA on your sponsored Instagram post? Digital marketing strategies are flexible and dynamic, enabling a team to tweak a campaign even after it’s been launched. 

Ideal for targeting specific groups 

Not only do digital marketing strategies enable a wide reach, they’re perfectly suited to targeting very niche groups. You’ll be able to find an influencer or Reddit group that cater to almost every interest, providing an ideal opportunity to study specific user groups closely, and market to them on the platforms they visit regularly. 

An opportunity to create spaces for customer engagement and feedback 

Social media accounts, blogs, content publishers—these are all platforms that encourage user interaction and feedback. For marketers, this is a dream come true; they can find out exactly what their users think of their product or brand, ask questions, and start discussions directly with their target users. These interactions provide valuable data that can be used to inform and improve future strategies. 

Next, we’ll look at some real-world examples of successful digital marketing strategies, utilizing different forms of digital marketing.

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